Technical Writing Samples

Using Mapped Network Drives with Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise Windows Agents

This document explains how to get a mapped network drive to work within a Windows Agent job for Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise. Read »

Installing Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise Agents

This document provides installation requirements and procedures for the Help/Systems product Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise. Read »

Security Notice

This document provides Unisys customers with information on how to update security settings on their Enterprise server. Read »

Using Secure Sockets Layer with the Robot Browser Interface

Use these instructions to configure the Robot Browser Interface Portal Server to send and receive information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Read »

EASY VIEW Conversion Instructions

This document informs customers how to convert from one version of EASY VIEW to the next. Read »

Car Care Article

Sometimes technical writing is making something seem not at all technical. This sample provides advice on basic car care by comparing parts of the car to parts of the human body. Read »

Using FTP with Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise

This document describes how to transfer files using Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise agent jobs. Read »